Over the last couple of years, we have been lucky enough to have been able to have a page on the RADARC website, giving details of radios that we have been (and still are) selling. We would like to thank the Committee of RADARC for doing that.
We now have a redesigned website, which we are now able to easily update as and when required. So, we would like to point people to that site, which contains the most up to date information on our activities and sales.
Currently, there are two items we would like to draw your attention to:-

KEY RADIO KM4000 VHF mobile radio

Programmed for every 2m analogue FM repeater in the U.K. together with all the simplex frequencies. 256 channel capability.

RF output power of 15W.

12.5kHz specification.

Sensitive receiver (typically 0.3µV for 12dB SINAD).

Complete with Speaker Microphone and mounting bracket.

All of this for the unbelievable price of £20! (+p&p)


Some of you may own an Ascom SE550 radio, possibly on 4m. These are quite old radios, and the microphone and lead may have deteriorated. Solve this by buying a replacement microphone from TVRG.

Only £10 (+p&p)

For full details of both of these items and also details of your local repeaters, please visit

Website for the Reading And District Amateur Radio Club