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The following are for sale as I am upgrading to a new telescopic mast.  Indicative prices are provided below but please feel free to make reasonable offers.  According to the planning consent, I need to remove them all from site permanently, so this is a job lot only.

Moonraker MSP200 4 section mast 20 ft medium duty push fit 51 mm diameter.

Normally £69.95 new

Big Marts Brackets, Elevated Tilt bracket Model ELT 1.—model-elt1.php

Normally £60 new

Length of 50 mm aluminium scaffold pole to fit concrete base or hole in garden. Can be manually rotated.

Alton arrays three band dipole for 6/4/2 metres with choke balun, can be easily changed from vertical to horizontal polarisation. Complete with 8 metres of coax feeder (RG58).

Normally £70 new

All Items are in reasonably good condition.  Together these form a 6 metre high tilt over mast and antenna.  This has been in use here for several years and the mast has even supported a 23cm beam.



Please contact me at

73 Mike G4CDF 

Hi All;
I am selling my trusty HP8591A Spectrum Analyser after many years of good service – I have upgraded to a Rigol.
It goes from 9KHz to 1.8GHz and has the tracking generator and the GSM900 options fitted.
It is working order and has been used over the last 10 years by myself mainly for EMC work.
Attached is a picture of the Analyser, it is switched on and displaying a carrier from my Boefeng on 70 cms.
I also attach a data sheet.
Serious offers to me at:

Regards Jim – G0LHZ

Many members regularly sell old equipment or other things to the rest of the amateur community. This page serves as a location for members to advertise their equipment.

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