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1923 Decca Mascot 3 Valve Wireless Set

For sale we have a good condition 3 valve radio set. It has not been tested but looks to be in good condition.

The sale is on commission to RADARC with the rest being donated to charity. £50 or near offer. The radio is in Wokingham and can be brought to a club meeting on request. .

Please contact if interested.

PYE Westminster VHF base station (AM) with tulip mic

Here we have what appears to be an un-molested PYE Westminster AM TX/RX with Mic. Condition appears good, but it is untested.

The sale is on on behalf of the widow of the silent key with commission to RADARC.

Serious offers to The item is located in Lower Earley and can be brought to a club meeting on request.

Hi All;
I am selling my trusty HP8591A Spectrum Analyser after many years of good service – I have upgraded to a Rigol.
It goes from 9KHz to 1.8GHz and has the tracking generator and the GSM900 options fitted.
It is working order and has been used over the last 10 years by myself mainly for EMC work.
Attached is a picture of the Analyser, it is switched on and displaying a carrier from my Boefeng on 70 cms.
I also attach a data sheet.
Serious offers to me at:

Regards Jim – G0LHZ

Many members regularly sell old equipment or other things to the rest of the amateur community. This page serves as a location for members to advertise their equipment.

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