RADARC has records back to 1934 started by Gerald Marcus G2NM and the club has continued to develop, winning Field day events QRP Contests and much more. We have also won RSGB club of the year twice!

This success is thanks to a brilliant voluntary committee who give up their time to run this club.

If you wish to contact the committee then please use the general enquiries contact page!

The 2017 Committee

Chairman: Simon Watson M0ZSU
Treasurer: Barry Scott M0SQZ  
Secretary: John Gumb G4RDC  
Contest Manager: Dave Honey M0DHO  
Publicity Manager: Loz James G2DD  
Training Manager: Ray Brown G3SCZ
Committee Member: Jonathan Sawyer M0JSX  
Committee Member: Min Standen G0JMS
Committee Member: Mike Spooner M0DYD
Committee Member and Web administrator: James 2E0JPM


Website for the Reading And District Amateur Radio Club

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