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Construction Contest

Well done to all those who took part – an interesting evening.

Special thanks to Ian G8NXJ for the pictures.

Sharp Resonance: A Low cost Audio filter from Screwfix; mag loop update

Tony Canning G2NF has an intriguing evening lined up for us next meeting:

Thursday 12th October, Woodford Park Leisure Centre, Woodley, 8pm

Some of you will remember his superb talk on ‘Tricks with Coax’.

He states:

“Given my interest in coax related stuff and various tricks, I have been
playing with an audio filter that can give the user with no IF 200Hz
filter a similar tool in a pile up, and like wise for the SSB operator
an audio notch filter. There is no eltrickery, smoke mirrors or power
supply involved. I think its a great resonance demo, as the relationship to coax filters and tuned circuits is uncanny.

Can be made from house hold items or from Wickes / Screwfix or BnQ etc.

This is not about Audio DSP but my simple efforts do appear to offer
comparable performance to some at a fraction of the price but much more fun building and learning.”

Continuing the theme of sharp resonance, I’m trying to twist G2DD’s arm (Loz) into bring along the coax based magnetic loop antenna he’s been working on as I know a few people would be interested in having a go at making something. Or indeed – if you have been working on one feel free to bring it along and tell us what you’ve been up to!

Refreshments to be served as usual with an increasingly wide selection of biscuits of variable age.



Simoco Radios

RADARC Members have been very much involved in the conversion of Simoco Radios.

This page contains information on software and modifications available.

(Radarc or it’s members will not responsible for any failures with the use or these files or documentation)

Simoco PDF Radio   

SRM9030 Brouchure  SRM9030 Product Manual V1_6  SRM9030 Manual Ver 7 PCBs   SRM9030 Users Guide

Simoco PDF Instruction Sheets

SIMOCO SRM9020         SRM9030 LowBand 4metres Mobile      Simoco SRM9030 UHF 70cms Mobile

Simoco PDF Manuals  (Winrar 11Meg File containing Zip & PDF Files)

 SIMOCO Manuals (11Meg in size)

Simoco Programming Configuration Files

70cms SRM9030             4m 40 Channel SRM9030

 RADARC SRM9000       RADARC 4m SRM9020      RADARC 4m SRM9020 Extended

Programming Interface

SRM9000 Interface  Items for Interface Lead   Interface Wiring Diagram

Programming Software    NEW Version FPP5.67                  Old Version FPP v5.44 

Alignment Tool      Alignment Tool                    

SRM9030 with Detached Display   RADARC 4m SRM9030    RADARC 70cm SRM9030

SRM9030 Wiring Connections        Wiring Connections     RJ45 Connections 

Email :  simoco “AT”