February Top Band Net

On 29 February 8pm UTC, Vin G4JTR hosted a club top band net, on 1850kHz.

Using a George Smart Wellgood active receive loop approx 1.5m diameter inside a roof space, reports at M0LTE HQ were:

Vin G4JTR 5/9+ -59dBm
Michael M0MPM 5/9 -68dBm
Brett 2E0HFW 5/8 -75dBm
Nick M0NPK 5/7 -82dBm
John G4RDC 1/6 -92dBm
Alan G3UQW 5/9 -73dBm
Simon M0ZSU 1/6 -92dBm
Jeff G4AAO 1/6 -93dBm
Ian G8NXJ 5/8 -78dBm
Loz G2DD no trace
Min G0JMS 5/6 -88dBm
Dave G4RGK 3/7 -90dBm
Robin G4IWS 5/9 -59dBm
And a late entry Steve 2E0SBH 4/6 -90dBm

This was against a noise floor here of -93dBm in 3.3kHz. Virtually no QSB.

Several participants were audible on the Hack Green web SDR. The noise floor was fairly high for some, but with few exceptions generally reports were good to very good. Some tips were exchanged on audio setups, resulting in significant improvements even during the net. There was a Zoom backchannel being used to exchange signal reports and for a post-net chat.

No doubt this fun event will remain a popular fixture in RADARC calendar.

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